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We ventured into home brewing during the winter of 2014, we threw out our first batch of spent grains and I felt that was wasteful so I did some research and found that spent grain still has a lot of nutritional value and dogs LOVE it!    Spent grain is a byproduct of the beer brewing process in which sugars and starches are extracted from the grain during the mashing process. The “spent” grain is then removed and typically discarded. 

After researching ways to recycle the grains I decided to try out a recipe for dog treats and since we have three dogs, and are particular about what we feed them due to all of the recalls we gave it a shot.  Our dogs went crazy for them so we shared some with friends and family to give to their dogs, all dogs gave them a 2 paws up!  We started off selling them at local events and the feedback was overwhelming.

Since our launch in May 2014, we no longer brew beer at home but obtain our spent grain from area breweries, we have partnered with the breweries to help with recycling their spent grains and also offering their customers a product made with their own house grains.  


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