CBD & Pets

CBD & Your Pets

The official name of CBD is cannabidiol. It is a type of cannabinoid. Both humans and pets have the ability to metabolize these cannabinoids. These cannabinoids are then processed by the endocannabinoid system(ECS). This biological system is found in all mammals and functions the same way across all species! 

Arthritis in Dogs

Achy joints, arthritis, inflammatory joint disease, or other illnesses can cause our pets to want to slow down. CBD can alleviate these joint pains and have them moving around again.

The CBD compound is a potent pain reliever and anti-inflammatory that does not just mask the pain, but it helps soothe chronic inflammation that prevents the body from healing properly.

Dog Anxiety

The calming effects of CBD work very well with high-strung dogs who struggle with separation anxiety, depression, and noise phobias. Dogs who experience severe separation anxiety are often depressed or anxious when their guardians leave them alone and it may result in disruptive and destructive behaviors, such as drooling, urinating, barking, chewing on objects and pacing. 

Loss of appetite

Many dog owners have used CBD treats to boost appetite and reduce nausea in dogs that will not eat. CBD is sensitive enough to alleviate digestive issues while providing the necessary pain relief.

Aggressive behavior

CBD-infused products can help with minimizing aggressive behaviors and stress disorders, by helping calm down a dog who struggles with controlling their temper. 

Dog seizures

One CBD treatment that surprises many pet owners is the fact that it is sometimes used to treat dogs who suffer from seizures. Products with high levels of CBD can help manage seizures brought upon by epilepsy or other genetic disorders. There have been numerous cases of cannabis helping manage, and over time reducing, the frequency of seizures in humans and animals.

Cancer Pain

Cannabis-based products help mitigate some of the symptoms associated with cancer such as nausea, loss of appetite, or chronic pain. No owner wants to see his or her pet deal with the side effects that come with a cancer diagnosis. Pet parents are seeing great results with CBD products because it is helping their pets feel more comfortable during these difficult times.